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I don't really believe that fragrances have a gender, but I do admit it's a useful as well as a very widely used method for guiding people to things they may like so, here are the lists:

Masculine Fragrances

Feminine Fragrances

Unisex Fragrances

Other Fragrances

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Pell Wall Aroma Chemicals Discovery Kit
Pell Wall Aroma Chemicals Discovery Kit

You'll see there are a series of tabs to the left, which give a shortcut to the pages for various fragrances and ranges. The first column of tabs are Unisex fragrances, the second Masculine and Feminine fragrances and the third Others that didn't quite fit the first two categories.

These shortcuts are available on all the pages in the Products section of the website.

In addition to fragrances I also hold stock of perfumery ingredients and bottles, including perfume atomisers with screw-fit spray caps. Details are on the Perfumery page