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Standard Packaging for 100ml and 30ml bottles

Packaging by Pell Wall
Art Deco Style Packaging used by Pell Wall
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Prices for existing products start at just £21 and a simple commission can be undertaken for as little as £600, so it isn't as expensive as you might expect to have something really special.

It costs a little more to have a fragrance made for commercial release, but the results can be spectacular:
Beaver from Zoologist Perfumes - by the Pell Wall Perfumer

Beaver from Zoologist Perfumes

by the Pell Wall Perfumer

Pretty in Pink by Pell Wall

Pretty in Pink

by Pell Wall

My mission is to make fragrances that some people will love, rather than perfumes everyone will like.

Buying a fragrance when you don't know what it smells like is always a chancy business, so I offer sample packs for you to try them out and if you buy samples, these come with a voucher for £10 off a future purchase over £50. In addition if you buy any full size fragrance and find you don't like it, simply return it for a full refund - the product must be reasonably unused (of course I expect you'll have used some, just don't expect a refund if you've emptied the bottle!) and in the original packaging.

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Fragrances for men, for women, for the home. Hand made in Shropshire, England using the finest ingredients from around the world.

Products can be bought here for UK delivery. Fragrance design service available anywhere.

September Ingredients

If you make fragrances for yourself, take a look at the September issue of the ingredients for sale lists - released a little early for the Bank Holiday weekend - on the Perfumery page where you'll find more than 300 ingredients with some exciting new additions including new naturals and synthetics and loads of new informative descriptions.

Sticky Leather Sky

Pell Wall's Sticky Leather Sky didn't quite win the Tony Pettifer Award for Best Male Fine Fragrance 2013 but we're quite proud to have been shortlisted and not ashamed to have lost out to Invictus by Paco Rabanne. You can see the full announcement by the British Society of Perfumers here.

Out in the real world:

Eight fragrances from Pell Wall are now available in London and most of the range at two Shropshire locations. Full details are on the Links page.

Here Online:

The Pell Wall range on the website has been updated and extended - check the product page for details.

Old Style Stock Clearance

Pell Wall bottles and labels have been updated so you can snag yourself a bargain to help me clear the old stock - check the blog post for details.

To enquire about an existing product or for a consultation:
Gin & Lime by Pell Wall

Gin & Lime by Pell Wall

Whether you are looking for a fragrance to form part of your personal brand, for a special gift, a wedding, business gift or anything else where you need a special scent that isn't on the high-street, I provide a personalised design service: after a detailed consultation with you, ideally in person, I will create a special fragrance just for you - I guarantee exclusivity on fragrances created through this service - a fragrance designed for you will never be sold to anyone else. Contact me for a quotation.

Haiku - Hypoallergenic Fragrance by Pell Wall
Haiku - Hypoallergenic Fragrance by Pell Wall
Tropical fruit and wood, without irritation