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Green Carnation

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Green Carnation by Pell Wall
Green Carnation 100ml by Pell Wall
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Green Carnation
Top-notes of cut grass, green mandarin and clove are sharp, fresh and clean.

Quickly followed by a soft, powdery carnation scent with green notes of galbanum. The base notes are a very complex amber and floral musk blend with olibanum and a prominent note of oakmoss.

Capturing the concept of the carnation more than imitating the scent it is immediately recognisable nevertheless.

Unusually for a fragrance aimed at men, Green Carnation is presented at Eau de Parfum strength, which further enhances its natural power of projection and great longevity.

A great fragrance to bring out the wit and bon vivant in you.

“The only way to deal with a temptation is to yeild to it”
Oscar Wilde

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