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Gin & Lime Collection

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Gin & Lime - A fine fragrance by Pell Wall
Gin & Lime 30ml

Gin & Lime - A fine fragrance by Pell Wall
Gin & Lime 100ml

Gin & Lime Cologne

This is a light citrus-type cologne that is designed for everyday wear, to lift your mood day or evening.

Imagine yourself on a summer afternoon in the garden, a freshly poured gin martini in front of you as a lime is cut to make an unconventional garnish for your drink: that intense fresh scent is captured in the top-notes of this distinctive cologne.

As the top-notes fade the subtle quality of ambergris, coriander and precious orange flower absolute keep the fragrance bright and clean.

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Bottle Size

Gin & Lime Cologne travel atomiser

Containing exactly the same fragrance as the cologne but in an elegant refillable 10ml atomiser with a silver coloured metal shell. Ideal to fit in a handbag, briefcase or even a suit pocket.

Gin & Lime Cologne Concentrée

Just like the Cologne but at a higher concentration. Use sparingly for a richer, even more lasting interpretation of the same fragrance.

Bottle Size

Gin & Lime - A fine fragrance by Pell Wall
Gin & Lime Concentrée by Pell Wall in luxury box