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A bespoke fine fragrance by Pell Wall
A bespoke fine fragrance by
Pell Wall
Pell Wall Perfumes, incorporating, is a one-man operation providing a selection of exclusive hand-made fragrances to a select few people.

To contact me, for any reason:

All my products are created using top quality ingredients, with a high proportion of natural materials. Unlike conventional 'designer' perfumes, where most of your purchase price goes into advertising, marketing and packaging the product, with just a tiny percentage left over for the scent, I have no expensive celebrity endorsements or the like: it's all about the scent.

I make fragrances for men, for women and for the home. I can also make a fragrance for a functional product, such as a shampoo, shower gel or bath oil - or even a matched range of fragranced products.

Ikebana arrangement by Chris Bartlett
Ikebana arrangement by Chris Bartlett
The inspiration for the colour scheme for this site

If you've forgotten to include your contact number on an order for bespoke services, if you are waiting for an order that hasn't arrived or is damaged or if you are interested in products not yet on the website: whatever the reason, get in touch and I'll do my best to sort out the problem or otherwise help.

Please note that Pell Wall Perfumes is just me, Chris Bartlett. Hopefully that means I can ensure everything is right, but it may also mean it takes a bit longer.,,, and all redirect here.