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1953 Pour Homme by Pell Wall Perfumes
1953 Pour Homme by Pell Wall


Named '1953' - after the year of the coronation - because among many special things involved in the accession to the throne of a British monarch perhaps the most special is the anointing - according to Wikipedia British Monarchs are the only ones still anointed as part of the ceremony and it is done with a specially made Coronation Oil - the ingredients for which have been similar since the 12th Century and include ambergris, civet, rose, jasmine, orange flower, cinnamon, musk and benzoin.

1953 by Pell Wall includes all those fine ingredients in the very best qualities to be found (though for ethical reasons synthetic substitutes have been used for civet and musk).   These have been adapted into a very long-lasting, easy to wear fragrance for the 21st Century, now available in a version for men as well as one for women.

1953 Pour Homme

Released for the anniversary of the coronation, the masculine version has a lighter, fresher tone with notes of tobacco and cedar to give it a more muscular feel.

It is a high-strength cologne-style gentlemen's fragrance, with a long-lasting dry-down characteristic of the 1953 range.

Presented in a very special 100ml black bottle with wood enclosure and the 1953 numerals added by hand by Jeanie Jewellery it's a unique and special gift.

Like the EdT, this will form an ongoing part of the Pell Wall range.

1953 Pour Homme £79

{1953} Eau de Toilette

The Eau de Toilette is a very close olfactory match to the Parfum, released on the anniversary of the coronation for the first time in this more accessible format. The neroli top-notes and rose heart have been enhanced and it's been given an extra boost to the diffusive power.

Presented in an attractive 50ml bottle with a puffer it makes a lovely dressing table accessory as well as a beautiful fragrance.

1953 Eau de Toilette £53
1953 Eau de Toilette by Pell Wall
{1953} Eau de Toilette by Pell Wall

{1953} Parfum

Sold Out Sorry!
A highly concentrated Parfum, presented in a diamond-clear heart-shaped flacon, complete with it's own crystal stand.

Just twelve of these magnificent gifts were made for sale on the day of release, with further small releases planned including, the anniversary of the coronation itself on 2nd June 2013 and finally for Christmas 2013 - after that 1953 Parfum will be available only to special order.

The flacon contains 3ml of pure parfum, and each is supplied with a refill bottle containing a further 7ml.
1953 Pure Parfum by Pell Wall Perfumes
{1953} Parfum by Pell Wall - Sold Out

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